Purposed Discussions
Breaking Barriers, building women and creating a firm network with each discussion
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What are Purposed Discussions?
A Virtual Meetup for Purposed Minded Women

Weekly Meetups for Purposed Minded Women
These weekly meetings will happen the every Tuesday of every month, virtually. You will feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table chatting away with your girlfriends. I promise this is a safe space of support and comfort. The conversations are created to help build you and create an atmosphere of growth and sisterhood. 
What is included?
You will receive supplemental material and information used as a guide for our discussions and for your own personal growth outside of our meetings, Private Facebook group where we will host other events, trainings and mentoring sessions. 
Why Purposed Discussions?
Because we all need a sister and a sisterhood to help get us through whatever life throws at us. As women sometimes we suffer in silence or we have a friend suffering in silence and don't know what to do.  You know we are all strong and courageous but there are times we need a friend to pull us up and that's what this is all about. Your host, Jocelyn, me, I'm all about purpose and helping you define your purpose in life.  I'm also finishing my coursework to receive my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, but my focus was on, you guessed it! Women and Adolescents. 
What will you need?
Open mind, the internet, Zoom (it's FREE), Facebook (for the private group) and a belief that you can break barriers and help your sisters do the same. 

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Every Tuesday 
8:30 pm EST

I'm Jocelyn Lynch, your Purpose and Business Cultivator
I help people fully define their purpose, walk and live their lives on purpose with purpose and intent
I'm the owner of heyjocey.com, where I teach everyday women how to fully hone in on their God given purpose, break barriers within themselves to be able to freely live their lives.  I also teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to navigate their ideas and create profitable streams of income. 
We have your seat and we are ready for you to join us